The Gospels, or “Good News,” are the first four books of the Christian Testament. My preferred translation is The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha (New Revised Standard Version).

The Acts of the Apostles appears in the Christian Testament after the fourth Gospel (John). However, I have included it here, with Luke, as they were most likely written at the same time (Acts is the sequel of Luke).

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The Good News of Jesus Christ according to Matthew
Matthew 2.1–12: Get on the Road
Matthew 2.13–23: Cases for Christ
Matthew 3.1–2: Nelson Mandela and Outlaw Christ
Matthew 3.1–17: I Was Baptized, Too    (Audio)
Matthew 4.1–11: Resist the Temptation
Matthew 4.1–11: Hang On to What Is Possible    (Audio)
Matthew 4.12–23: Mutual and Congregational
Matthew 5.1–11: Risk Being a Disciple
Matthew 5.1–20: Are We Ready?    (Audio)
Matthew 5.13–20: Racial Justice
Matthew 5.21–37: No Three-Dollar Words
Matthew 6.1–15: Public Works and Private Workings    (Audio)
Matthew 6.11–13: Our Debts
Matthew 6.19–34: Light in You    (Audio)
Matthew 7.1–14 and 24–29: We Are All Going to Die    (Audio)
Matthew 10.34–36; 1 Kings 18.1–4, 17–20, 37–40: Entitled to Violence?
Matthew 11.2–11: Joy
Matthew 13: The Sower
Matthew 14.13–33: Crowd Around Holiness
Matthew 16.21–28: Take Up the Cross
Matthew 18.15–22: I Don’t Know What Forgiveness Is
Matthew 18.15–35: Practicing Forgiveness and Forgiving
Matthew 20.1–16: White Women
Matthew 20.1–16: Laborers in the Vineyard and Jonah
Matthew 21.1–11: Why Is Palm Sunday Happy?
Matthew 24.36–44: Keeping the Story Whole
Matthew 25.1–13: Earth as It Is in Heaven
Matthew 25.14–30: Exuberant Opportunity
Matthew 25.31–46: Wade In with Me
Matthew 25.31–46: Heaven and Hell Together
Matthew 28.1–10: Giving Hope Legs Easter
Matthew 28.16–20: Discipleship in Plurality
Matthew 28.16–20: Tidal Faith Discipleship Road

The Good News of Jesus Christ according to Mark
Mark 1.1–20: Poetry    (Audio)
Mark 1.1-20: Begging the Question
Mark 1.4–11: Baptism of Christ and Water
Mark 1.21–28: Living with Authority
Mark 1.21-44: Did You Come to Destroy Us?
Mark 3.20–35; 1 Samuel 8: Power
Mark 2.1–22: When Jesus Becomes Christ    (Audio)
Mark 2.1-22:  Movement of Hope
Mark 5.21–43: Sick and Unseen    (Audio)
Mark 6.6b-29: Our Villainous Selves (Audio)
Mark 6.30–34, 53–56: Politics of Church    (Audio)
Mark 7: 1-2, 5-8, 14-23: Our Bodies Speak God (Audio)
Mark 8.27-9.8: Why Would Anyone Take Jesus Up on What He Has to Offer? (Audio)
Mark 9.30–37: No Rank
Mark 10.2–16; Job 1.1, 2.1–10: Testing
Mark 10.17–31: Why the Cross?    (Audio)
Mark 10.17–31: Authority and Worth    (Audio)
Mark 10.32–52: Lenten Repentance    (Audio)
Mark 10.35–45: Audacity and Baptism
Mark 11.1–11: Stay Faithful
Mark 12.28–44: Love, over Rules    (Audio)
Mark 13.1–8: Houses of Housing God
Mark 13.1–8, 24–7: Bearers of Easter Hope    (Audio)
Mark 16.1–8: Easter Proof    (Audio)

Luke and the Acts of the Apostles
The Good News of Jesus Christ according to Luke
Luke 2.21–38: No Right Answers    (Audio)
Luke 2.22–40: Responsibility
Luke 3.1–22: Faith Is Not So Tidy    (Audio)
Luke 3.7–18: Easter at Christmas and Sandy Hook
Luke 3.15–22: Baptism of Christ
Luke 4.1–13: Temptation in the Wilderness
Luke 4.14–30: Truth    (Audio)
Luke 6.1–16: Attend to One Another    (Audio)
Luke 6.20–31; Ephesians 1.11–23: All Saints
Luke 7.1–17: Healing the Kin-dom
Luke 7.18–35: Faith is a Public Act    (Audio)
Luke 7.36–50: Indecent Love Will Make Us Strong    (Audio)
Luke 9.28–43b: Transfiguration
Luke 10.25–37: Good Samaritan
Luke 10.38–42; John 11.1–7, 10–19; John 12.1–3: Faith Portrait
Luke 11.1–5: Lord’s Prayer
Luke 11.2–4: Ask God for the Word    (Audio)
Luke 12.54–56; Hebrews 11.29–38, 12.1: Staking Your Life on a Story
Luke 13.1–9, 31–35: Impatience and Love    (Audio)
Luke 13.31–35: Feminine Images of the Divine
Luke 14.1, 7–14; Hebrews 13.1–8, 15–16: Labor Day
Luke 15.1–3, 11b-32: The Forgiving Father, the Prodigal Son, and New Member Sunday
Luke 15.1–32: Mutuality    (Audio)
Luke 16.19–31: Repetitive Messages    (Audio)
Luke 17.11–19; 2 Timothy 2.8–15: Wrangling Over Words
Luke 18.9–14: Prayer and Money
Luke 19.28–40, 22.14–23.56: Invitation to Holy Week
Luke 19.29–44: Evil is Tiny    (Audio)
Luke 24.1–12: God’s Power    (Audio)
Luke 24.13–35: Learning and Hospitality    (Audio)
Luke 24.13–35: Impossible Without the Table

Acts 1: Rise Above Religion
Acts 1.1–14: Making Prayerful Meaning    (Audio)
Acts 1.6–14: Signs of Power
Acts 2: Pentecost
Acts 2: Power and Miracle
Acts 2.1–4: What are We Doing Here?
Acts 2.1–21: Apocalypse
Acts 2.1–21: Apocalypse Already    (Audio)
Acts 2.42–47; Psalm 23: Life Saving
Acts 3.1–10: As If    (Audio)
Acts 6.1–7.2a, 44–60: Death is not the Goal    (Audio)
Acts 8.26–39: Faithful Evangelism    (Audio)
Acts of the Apostles 10:1–6, 9–17, 34–41, 44–48: Calling All Angels
Acts 10.1–17, 34–35: Peter’s Vision and Violent Visuals
Acts 11.1–18; John 13.31–35: I Love to Tell the Story
Acts of the Apostles 13.1–3, 14.8–18: God’s Credit
Acts 15.1–18: Ritual is Just the Beginning    (Audio)
Acts 16.16–34 Faith is not Formulaic    (Audio)
Acts 17.16–31 Equality before God.pdf    (Audio)
Acts 18.1–4; Corinthians 1.10–18: Rebuild the World    (Audio)

The Good News of Jesus Christ according to John
John 1.1–4: What We Are Witnessing    (Audio)
John 1.5–2.2: Servants Between Ashes and Dust    (Audio)
John 1.35–51: God Pitched a Tent    (Audio)
John 2.1–11: Servants of Love Incarnate    (Audio)
John 23.13–21: First, Rest in God    (Audio)
John 3.1–17: Nicodemus
John 4.1–6: Listen for Redemption    (Audio)
John 4.1–42: Powerful Teachers (Audio)
John 4.5–26: God Colonizes Us
John 6.1–15: Bread of Life
John 6.1–21: Stormy Sea, Morning Star
John 6.24–35: How do We Eat Jesus?
John 6.35–51: Life and Death
John 6.51–58: The Bread We Give and Receive
John 6.56–69: This Teaching is Difficult
John 9.1–21, 24–41: Tell Truth
John 10.11–18; Psalm 23: How do We Grow the Church?
John 11.1–44: The Gospel isn’t Always in the Bible    (Audio)
John 11.32–44: Lazarus and All Saints
John 12.12–27: Look at the Floor    (Audio)
John 14.15–16, 18–21: The Trouble with Memorial Day
John 14.23–27; Psalm 67: Peace of Christ
John 18.12–27: Listen to Lady Wisdom    (Audio)
John 18.28–40: What is Truth?    (Audio)
John 19.1–16a: I Don’t Believe in God    (Audio)
John 20.1–18: Butterflies
John 20.1–18: Christ is Still Rising
John 20.19–31: Doubting Thomas
John 20.19–31: Trust Each Other

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