Special Services

Occasionally I have the opportunity to preach or teach outside of worship or on days that do not fit the traditional preaching schedule. You will find those here. I have also included my Christmas sermons here as they generally cover multiple gospels.

2017.12.24: Christmas Eve Hubris Humility and a Dare    (Audio)
2016.12.25: We Are Family: Christmas 2016    (Audio)
2016.12.24: Christmas Eve. Why Leave Home to Come Here?    (Audio)
2015.12.24: Hope, Peace, Love    (Audio)
2014.12.24: Holiness Comes
2013.12.24: Christmas Eve Invitation
2012.12.24: Bells and the Bread of Life

Interfaith Events
2017.5.24: Ames High School Baccalaureate

Martin Luther King, Jr.
2013.1.20: Beloved Community Is Real

2017.9.3: Sing a New Song: Hymn Sing Sunday
2013.5.18: Life as a Hymn of Praise

Other Services
2016.9.3: Eulogy for Chet Britt
2013.8.9: Service of Confession and Lament    (Audio)