Torah (Hebrew) and Pentateuch (Greek) are names for the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. My preferred translations are The Jewish Study Bible by the Jewish Publication Society and Robert Alter’s The Five Books of Moses.

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Genesis 1.1–2.4a: Take a Sabbath from Hate    (Audio)
Genesis 2.4b-13: Dive in Here
Genesis 2.4–25: Naked and Unembarrassed    (Audio)
Genesis 2.4b–7,15–17, 3.1–8: The Problem of Creation (Audio)
Genesis 6.5–22, 8.6–12, and 9.8–17: God in Disasters    (Audio)
Genesis 6.16–22, 9.8–15: Leave the Ark
Genesis 12.1–9: Already and Always a Blessing    (Audio)
Genesis 15.1–6; Hebrews 11.1–3, 8–16: Out of the Tent
Genesis 18.1–15, 21.1–7: Infertility and Righteous Women    (Audio)
Genesis 18.1-15, 21.1-7 Bitterness Turned to Joy
Genesis 27:1–4, 15–23; 28:10–17: HERE I AM    (Audio)
Genesis 21.8–21: Survival
Genesis 28.10–19a: Jacobs Ladder Could Happen to You

Genesis 29.15–28: In Love After Hate
Genesis 32.22–30: Jacob’s Greed and Our Pledges    (Audio)
Genesis 37.3–8, 17b–22, 26–34, 50.15–21: Bring God’s Vision to Life    (Audio)
Genesis 39.1–23: Let God Be with You    (Audio)

Exodus 2.23–25, 3.10–15: I AM    (Audio)
Exodus 12.1–13, 13.1–8: Just in Case    (Audio)
Exodus 19.1–6: Ground Your Time in God    (Audio)
Exodus 19.3–7, 20.1–17: Who We Want In Charge (Audio)
Exodus 20.12–17: Get in the Long Line    (Audio)
Exodus 20.1–11: Covenant Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love    (Audio)
Exodus 32.1–14: No Fear, No Desperation    (Audio)
Exodus 32.7–14; Luke 1.1–10: God’s Feelings

Leviticus 19.1–2, 9–18: You Are the Sermon

Numbers 11.24–30; Acts 2.1–21: Shout Like Prophets

Deuteronomy 5.1–21, 6.4–9: Shootings and The Table