The Writings, or Kethuvim in Hebrew, are the final books of the Hebrew Bible. My preferred translations are The Jewish Study Bible by the Jewish Publication Society, and Robert Alter’s The Book of Psalms and The Wisdom Books.

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Psalm 1: Choose Love (Goodbye to Claremont)
Psalm 23; Acts 2.42–47: Life Saving
Psalm 100: Our Calendar, God’s Calendar    (Audio)
Psalm 139.1–6, 13–18; Jeremiah 18.1–11: Syria and the Potter’s House
Psalm 145.8–14; Zechariah 9.9–12: American Freedom God’s Kin-Dom

Proverbs 8.1–4, 22–31; John 16.12–15: Manyness and Trinity

Job 1.1–22: Loving Job
Job 3.1–10, 4.1–9, 7.11–21: Our Systems are not Working
Job 19; 2 Thessalonians: Veteran’s Day
Job 14.7–15, 19.23–27, 31.35–37: Hope in Poetry    (Audio)
Job 38.1–11 and 25–27, 40.25–32, 41.1–8: We Are Leviathan    (Audio)
Job 42.1–7: Let God be God and Care for the Needy    (Audio)

The Scrolls (The Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther)
Song of Songs 2.8–13: Bodies and Desire    (Audio)
The Book of Ruth: Hesed    (Audio)
Ruth 3: Love    (Audio)
Ruth 4: Wombs of Women    (Audio)
Lamentations 1.1–6, 3.10–26: Lament and Stewardship
The Book of Esther: Time as This
Esther 4.1–17: Prejudice and Parades

Daniel 6.6–27: What to Bring to the Night    (Audio)



Chronicles 1 and 2

Lamentations 1.1–6 and 3.19–26: God IS Good